📦 Only $37.99 a month ⚡️ No long term commitment! ⚡️Does not renew⚡️ 6 Months Pre-paid ⚡️You will receive a total of 6 Keto Snack Boxes. ⚡️1 Keto Hero box will be delivered to you for 6 consecutive months.


⚡️When you subscribe to The Keto Hero Box, you will receive 10+ delicious Keto Friendly Snacks  to support your healthy ketolifestyle.


Convenient, Affordable, & Healthy



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  • Millions of kids face hunger around the world. It's real and with your help, we can change it. For every Keto Hero Box purchased we will be donating a portion of our proceeds to make sure no child goes to bed hungry. Every dollar donated will provide $8 dollars worth of food & essentials.